About us

In the year 2015 the four of us co-founders got together because we were able to sense a problem in common in our different banking, engineering and design sectors. We came to the realization that in Spain, many companies have serious difficulties adapting to new work methods, and transforming their business or product within the demands of digitalization. Most consulting firms come into your business covering a specific need by contract, but it is not their intention to understand the actual needs of transformation of a very single client, nor their further development. It is because of this reason that solutions these firms offer, tend to be generic and not fully appreciative of the projection companies need in order to generate a value proposal that distinguishes a given company from its competitors.

We joined our desire to launch a company with the promise of offering a complete 360º service, specialized in the new work dynamics that innovation demands, and in the digitalization companies require to successfully achieve the transformation process of their business model, thus actively contributing to the success of our clients.

We count on a great specialized group of professionals, each of them in very well defined work areas.

Our teams