Part of our philosophy is based in staying up to date on the most advanced and novel technologies. We analyse your business and pinpoint the technologies which best adapt to you and help you implement them. This allows us to get results such as: process simplification, exponential increase of client engagement, cost reduction, etc.

NFC technology | RFID technology | Beacons

NFC technology

The basic premise of NFC technology embraces the exchange of wireless data when necessary. This technology’s further and future use encompass identification, data capture and exchange, and above all, payment.

Uses and implementation

Access control: For venues, private offices, compounds, etc.

Cashless payment: Stored-value cards, centralised prepayment systems at events, etc.

Identification: Private parking spots management, lift operation, etc.

Working hours control: Access and exits combined with time management software, checkpoints at restrooms, smoking sections, cafeteria, etc.

Loyalty scheme: VIP client monitoring, exclusive offers, deals and discounts

RFID technology

A recipient sends a continuous signal inside a concrete range. When a tag establishes contact with said receptor, it sends information thar the scanner interprets following its programming.

Uses and implementation

Industrial process automation: inventory, merchandise tracking, lighting, fleet control, etc.

Indoor location: Object and people location in closed spaces.

Outdoor location: Object and people location in open spaces.

Big data processing: Industry, storage, hotels, etc.

Access control: People metering, restricted areas, etc.

Security: Anti-theft, identification.


Transmitter which is used to radiate a low-energy bluetooth signal (LE) to móvil devices located near it without previous synch. This technology allows samrt phones, computers or tablets to execute predetermined actions when inside the radio of the transmitter.

Uses and implementation

P2P advertising: Advertising application straight to customer, related offer reception, services, etc.

Indoor location*: Object and people location in closed spaces.

Outdoor location*: Object and people location in open spaces.

Wide scope ad campaigns: data collection, behavior models, etc.

Interactive User Experience: direct interaction with customer, experience improvement during events, shopping, exhibitions, etc.

*A beacon’s range is approximately 60 meters.